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that kate girl is a bitch.

I'm late, as usual. Fashionably though, so its okay.

Miintsssssssss. I love you lots. Its crazy I totally don't even remember how our paths crossed, but you did send me an awesome Christmas card. It was hand drawn and everything. First generation HP sticks lol. I still have it, it makes me smile. You're so talented and funny and an all around amazing person so I wanted to give you something back.

You also make me smile all the time because you're so damn adorable and I wish I could fold you up and put you in my pocket! It sucks because I had started something for your birthday, but its stuck on Baby Love, who crashed and her Hard Drive is dead. So that was the end of Baby Love and your pretty pressie :(

But alas! I can came up with something because its your birthday and I'm creative like that? Yes.

Here is me holding a sign. I just woke up. Thats how UGLY I look in the morning. Gosh the things I do for you! XD

Anndddd because I'm way ugly to look at in the morning, I wrote you one of my infamously bad poems. Ohhh dang!

Yesterday was Miints special day!
Something we should celebrate in every way,
With cakes and tea and an LJ soiree,
Maybe even a bouquet from the oh so handsome
Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine De Monet?
I don't know who he is, but it rhymes so what the hey!
So I sit here rhyming to my liquid crystal display,
in hopes that you will enjoy my word play
because Dr. Suess is MIA,
but that's okay because I'd scare him away.
From your blonde buddy in the San Francisco Bay,
in sunny Califor-NIA.
I'd like to wish you a very very VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And since this is my birthday weekend too (I LOVE MY DRAWING, THANK YOU) and now I'm legal, we can shag senseless without getting in trouble! Haha. Love you girl! Stay the sweetheart you are.

♥ Katie
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