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errr...this late and unbeta'd but I thought it was cute and totally inspired by you. Happy, Happy Birthday, Miints!

Title: Stick Figures
Author: Jemz (me!!)
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Spoilers: AU. and sticky. =-P

“What are you doing, Potter” An irritated voice rang across the Room of Requirement.

“I’m sketching, Malfoy.” Harry replied from his seat by the window.

Curious, Draco crossed the room to peer over Harry’s shoulder. “What, exactly, are you sketching?” He dropped a brief kiss on Harry’s bare shoulder before wrapping lithe pale arms around his lover.

“Stick figures.”

“Stick figures.” Draco said in a flat tone. “And why, perchance, are you attempting to draw stick figures?”

Harry furiously colored in an area of his sketchbook before giving a reply. “Because I received a letter through owl post and it had a stick figure drawing. I thought it was interesting and wanted to give it a try. I’m going to make a copy and send it back.”

“Send it to who?” Draco pulled back and looked at Harry. His thoughts began to wander as he admired the firm column of Harry’s throat, that delicious little hollow at the base of his neck, and Harry’s talented tongue poking out from between two luscious lips as Harry continued sketching. Draco swallowed thickly as a surge of desire began to make itself known low in his belly.

“This girl in Canada sent me a picture of me with a sign. It was pretty cool. I wanted to try something like it.” Harry ignored the soft caresses of Draco’s fingers along the back of his bare shoulders as he began to put up the finishing touches to his picture.

“Oh? A random Canadian? Is she another fan of yours? One who wants to get into the pants of the Great Harry Potter?” Sarcasm began to drip from Draco’s words as jealousy began to work its way into his mind.

Harry paused in his shading and glanced up at his boyfriend. Stormy, silver eyes met his and he groaned. “Draco, love. You can’t be jealous of a fan. And she doesn’t want to get into my pants.”

“She doesn’t?” Came a quick, sardonic reply. “Pray tell, oh Boy Who Lived and Defeated the One Who Must Not Be Named. What does she want?”

Harry startled Draco with a quick grin and went back to finishing his artwork. “She wanted my effort in stick figures. Like I said, I thought it would be fun. And she wanted something very specific.”

Draco didn’t bother replying. He merely raised his brow in an eerie imitation of his father.

“Stop that, Draco. I can feel that Malfoy look of disdain off the side of my head, you know.” Harry gave one last look at his sketchpad and signed his name at the bottom with a flourish. “She wanted a picture of us.”

“What? Just a picture of us? In stick figures!?” Draco said incredulously.

“Yes.” Harry put his sketchpad down and wrapped his arms around Draco, drawing the pale boy closer for a snuggle. “Want to know what the sign in her picture said?” Harry began to drop little, wet kisses all over Draco’s chest and stomach, making Draco twitch and groan with budding desire.

“What did it say and don’t stop doing that.” Commanded Draco, enjoying the kisses as they swept further down to his re-awakened cock.

Harry stood up and began to pull Draco back to the mussed bed. He pushed Draco onto the bed and began to slowly lick Draco’s cock. “It said ‘Potter for Porn’. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to enjoy my time creating porn with you. So get ready for a very, very long life of you, me, and lots of sex.”

Only moans were uttered from Draco’s mouth as Harry began to suck on Draco's very hard cock and fingering his entrance.

Pages of Harry’s notebook fluttered and quick stick-figured drawings began to appear, capturing the action on the bed. Harry smirked around a mouthful of Draco's delicious cock. Harry wanted to make sure the Canadian fan knew that it wasn't only Draco always fucking Harry but also Harry doing lovely things to Draco by sending some stick-figures of the action to her. "'Potter for Porn' indeed." Harry thought to himself as he enjoyed the moans of his lover from above.

Hope you enjoy it!!!! *huggles*
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