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how to make miint sauce!

Darling Miints, I have been waiting til I was in the right 'mood' to write this up for you, but alas, time is sneaking away from me, and my headache is still here.

And so, I give you your own personal recipe of sun, moon and stars *loves*

First of all, our Lesya's chart is below :D.

Moons ala Miints

Planet Deg Sign Min
Sun   3º   Taurus   28'  
Moon   25º   Libra   12'  
Mercury   8º   Aries   12'  
Venus   26º   Taurus   31'  
Mars   12º   Capricorn   21'  
Jupiter   14º   Pisces   01'  
Saturn   8º   Sagittarius   42'  
Uranus   22º   Sagittarius   04'  
Neptune   5º   Capricorn   45'  
Pluto   6º   Scorpio   03'  
Ascendant   8º   Aquarius   11'  
Midheaven   10º   Sagittarius   27'  

What you need to know about Miints is that she's a Taurus, and all that entails. The first thing people think of with Taureans is stubborness, and while that may well be the case, Taurus is also ruled by Venus, planet of love and wealth and sensual pleasures. Taureans love their luxury and their beauty - they like everything to be aesthetically pleasing. They are also quite connected to their five senses, preferring to touch, taste, see and smell everything rather than analyse it. I'm betting you have some nice fluffy coats and all sorts of yummy fabrics in your wardrobe hon. This would also be the main source of your artistic talent. Wouldn't be surprised if you were a tidge lazy either ^.~ And I'm thinking this is where the whole rugby thing comes from - and why you like strong, earthy men.

Did I mention your sense of humour? Brilliant.

Taureans also love sex. Yep. Horny as hell really *coughs*. They could go hours if they wanted, taking their time to make sure everyone has fun. They're also quite possesive, hence your aversion to your OTP being shared with anyone else darls (Draco is Harry's and that's the last word on the matter!).

Next we have Aquarius rising... no wonder I love you. Quirky and friendly and popular and with a unique sense of style. You're always original and overflowing with ideas. Oh, and you're bloody funny. People see you as slightly analytical and far too clever for your own good sometimes hehe. And you just looove being with friends.

Your moon is in Libra (mine too!). Venus rules Libra as well as Taurus, only Libra is more partnership oriented, whereas Taurus is about luxury. The moon is how you interact with others, so I'm thinking you're like me in that you tend to avoid conflict and can see everyone's POV. The peacemaker in your group, you sometimes feel like you're too nice for your own good. You want to please people and make them happy, often at your own expense, but not necessarily for anything in return. Also, you dress really well >.>

Mercury in Aries... Whoa. You have a VERY quick mind - you hide it behind that pleasure-loving Taurean laziness though ^.~. Cos really, people seeing you as smart doesn't matter to you. But they'd better watch out if they get into a debate with you - you're pretty much right, especially when you rely on your instinct. Also, you inspire others to be the best they can be :D.

Venus in Taurus... Venus in one of the signs she rules. Wow. You loooove food (choko sauce anyone?), money, luxury and romance. Write this girl fluff dammit! Kinky, sexy, passionate, but definitely include teh fluff *heeee*. Wow. I bet you're very affectionate too, all huggles and glomping with those you're close to. Also, you're quite gorgeous physically too. Yep. Just be careful about evaluating others in terms of how much they're 'worth'.

Mars in Capricorn eh? Huge amounts of drive and ambition then, not to mention more fire under that sexual side of you. This would also make you quite popular and I'm thinking your group look to you for leadership quite often. More earthy influences here, love you to death!

Jupiter in Pisces... aw! So idealistic! You'd love to have a perfect world, and you have so many ideas on how to make it better! You also have a kind of golden touch, and you can talk your way out of most scrapes, or not even get caught out when you make a mistake.

Saturn in Saggitarius... you're motivated by fear of being held back, of losing your freedom, of not living up to your ideals. *hugs* With a midheaven in Saggitarius also, you'd be best to look out for a career where you can grow and expand and be as creative as you need to be. I see you owning your own creative agency one day, expressing all that beauty and those ideas and making shite-loads of money. You've got the potential for it... now all that's left to do is work hard and reach for the stars! ♥

The rest of it can be found here. Wow. Sooo much love for you darls! What a wonderfully unique and beautiful person you are - generous and kind and funny and naughty. I'm so glad you're my friend!
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